What EWave customers are saying

"My sister and I have been learning to ride on the electric board with the training floatie attached and it has made all the difference!

Using the floatie was a great way for us to learn the throttle control and feel comfortable on the board. The electric board itself is such a smooth ride and I love how quiet it is!

Definitely recommend!"
Jackie Wilson
"Living in the ultra eco-conscious state of California that leads the nation in electric vehicles, could the EWave electric jetboard be the perfect fit for where I live?

Could it even rejuvenate my love for water sports and possibly come close to reuniting me with my "first love" of surfing?

To this 3/4 centanarian, YES, PERFECTLY!!"
Kevin Lau
"The EWave Jetboard I rode was the most fun I have had on the water.

The easy use of the board had me motosurfing in 5 minutes.

The super smooth ride went along with the super quiet electric motor. I thought I was floating on air."
A. Lawrence
"We purchased our Ewave just before the Covid 19 pandemic struck the US and have greatly enjoyed it during the quarantine weeks that have followed.

We previously considered a gas powered board but had heard negative stories from friends about excessive maintenance issues with some models and didn’t want the noise and exhaust detracting from the riding experience.

Thankfully we found the Ewave....the perfect combination of performance, quiet operation and low maintenance simplicity.
Anthony C Toppins